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Studio Butter

Building the future for Content Creators

Creator Partnership

Sell your products 20x faster !

Take your business step further. Create campaigns according to your needs, let influencers market your products and get ready to receive hundreds of orders!

We cover a various platform just for you

Influencer Affiliate Exclusive

Privately Owned Exclusive Brand

The product name to the packaging design, e-commerce can be customized to your liking. Your dream of having your own brand will come true



Withdraw your commission whenever you want. The more creative you market your product, the more your product will sell and the bigger the commission you will get.

Capital / Fund

No Business Capital Required The income system is profit sharing. You don’t need very expensive business capital to have your own brand. You just need to make the marketing strategy as attractive as possible

Influencer Affiliate Regular

Easy to Apply

Don’t need to have much followers, you just need to set best strategy for the market. Then can grow further with Studio Butter.


Flexible Time

Work from everywhere, this very suitable for those of you who have flexible content time and don’t charge you with target loads.

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